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Unfiled Tax Returns

There is no statute of limitations on unfiled tax returns. Penalties and interest will accrue from the date the original return plus extensions until the returns are filed.

Many taxpayers fail to file for various reasons, but the failure to file may be construed by the IRS as a criminal act. It is better to owe the IRS than to have a criminal record. Also, the IRS may file "SFR" Tax returns for the taxpayer. This is a substitute return that the IRS will prepare for you and will always be in the best interest of the IRS Collection Division.

My firm can prepare and file delinquent tax returns even where records are virtually non-existent Even if the IRS has prepared a SFR Tax Return for you, we can assist you in getting them to accept an original belated return possibly reducing the overcharges by the IRS. You do not have to deal with the IRS.

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